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Atan Ahan

Atan Ahan
Atan Ahan


Atan, provider of authentic and healthy, South East Asian cuisine, are best known for their hot food stall at Guernsey's Fresh Friday Market, as well as their support of local corporate and community events throughout the year, including Seafront Sundays & Christmas markets.

Atan's regular home base is the premium Thai themed takeaway in Guernsey, on the North Side, St Sampsons. Atan also provide a catering service that can cater for your outside event, corporate hospitality and private functions.

A website solution that offers business process improvement and market advantage
With the business expanding, owner Tan approached Submarine for support with the brand and a new mobile friendly website which would present the high quality, natural ingredients of the food and also to ensure that their customers had the latest information.

The new website features an easy to use, browser based content management system (CMS) which supports Tan in providing menu details, weekly specials and recipe blog posts. In addition, an automatic feed from social media allows staff to update the website home page remotely from a mobile phone making the online presence truly representative of Atan's signature market and live events as they are happening. 


New website for Atan by Submarine Guernsey


Creative and marketing support
The initial task was for Submarine's senior creative Paul Brown was to work closely with the company on defining their proposition and unique features (USP) which included: natural, fresh ingredients and local home grown produce, authentic Thai tradition and cooking methods, excellent customer service, a focus on health both of the individual and the 
environment - the food packaging is 100% recyclable for example. Local creative photographer Elliott Cockett was commissioned for new photography and to produce a feature video to highlight these qualities which were also expressed directly through the home page of the new website and on the Atan's social media channels.

A specially compressed edit of the brand building video is deployed through the website home page providing a striking 'above the line' opener for new customers. This is optimised along with the rest of the website for mobile platforms ensuring that the website is engaging and loads efficiently. 

Submarine provided a turnkey website solution for Atan through their design and build Umbraco template approach with flexibility out of the box (dynamic banners, blog, page creator, form builder) along with advanced SEO tools and social media provision.  In addition, this application offers robust code security and it can be configured for GDPR (with email push confirm) and data collection with the inclusion of SSL, double CMS login and IP restriction for additional protection as required. 


Explore Atan's new website: 



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