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Channel Shift

Channel shift or digital transformation is the move toward digital and encouraging people to use the digital routes rather than the more traditional methods such as post or telephone.

Digital communications are not only more more cost effective than traditional, they also allow you to work with the collected data within the feedback loop. Querying this data can make your organisation leaner and more capable of reacting to your customers's needs.

Unfortunately digital transformation isn't always as simple as putting up a form on your website and it isn't a an overnight process.

The steps include:

  • Taking steps to increase digital take-up

  • Finding out why people do not use your digital service

  • Promoting your services

  • Training staff

  • Removing or limiting access to non-digital alternatives

  • Reviewing

We are experimenting with new ways to communicate within organisations and externally. Including:

  • Communication and social platforms

  • Form bots

  • Chat bots

  • Digital assistants