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Business applications

Submarine has an extensive knowledge of programming languages and a wide ranging technological skillset which enables its programmers to build advanced commercial data applications.

All of our programming is completed in-house by our home grown team, and we are constantly reviewing security and the latest industry developments which means we are IT friendly and can provide a bridge to your in-house technical support team (or external partner). In some respects, such as the ability to work in C#, Submarine is in front of the Guernsey curve in terms of technical web development. Submarine is s States of Guernsey preferred supplier.

Commercial benefit
These types of data applications can be business changing.  Not least in saving time and cost but, also in empowering your team with readily available and accurate data, which can be securely pushed (or pulled) to your comms team or internal systems. Examples include:

- a stand-alone Management Information System that queries your database,
- a back office application that automatically updates your website, such as an estate agency site,
- an online system to communicate with your legacy system, including dynamic forms with data saved directly to your back-office database,
- an online transaction & statement system, 
- a hybrid tablet / mobile phone / web app which can leverage 3rd party information such as local map data

Integrated services we offer:

  • Statement systems
  • Transaction systems
  • Management information systems
  • Online pension calculators
  • Online insurance calculators
  • Intranets (user generated content as well as more traditional approaches)
  • Extranets
  • Multi-Site CMS
  • Scalable CMS
  • Dynamic forms (including signatures input from touch screens)
  • End-to-End business systems
  • Integration of legacy systems


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Submarine can help you respond effectively to a new business challenge or support a concept for feasibility, in order to get your project off the ground.  We operate discreetly and are happy to work through an NDA or contract.  Back-end code samples and professional references can be provided. Take the next step.