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Digital Transition

Digital transition will mean different things dependent on the size and circumstances of your company or the organisation you work for.

At its simplest, this is the consideration of change from a traditional labour and resource intensive approach to a more effective and streamlined digital operation.  Examples of the former would be physical meetings and events, print and postal mail versus their digital counterparts video conferencing, eDocuments and EDMs (electronic direct mail).  However, the true value of this investment lies beyond the individual improvement in cost and customer service to be gained from single actions.

If applied intelligently, a digital strategy can multiply improvements across the business potentially opening new channels, improving your bottom line and widening your brand exposure, as well as improving your company's carbon footprint - all from a centrally managed source.  

Take the example of replacing a paper insurance form with an electronic form. The additional benefits to be gained in this case would include organised (and compliant) customer contacts held affectively in a secure database, which could then expand to a CRM application - customer relationship manager. Add to this, calendared, targeted email promotional campaigns driven from the database. Add the introduction of analytics and review to this equation and you have improved your customer communications channel beyond measure. So much for that form. 

Another basic foundation is your website. A modern website need not be simply an extension of your brochure, rather it can be the centre of your forward communications strategy.  The starting point is a modern, responsive and secure content management system (CMS) which puts content (and on-going website cost) in your hands. Managed through a browser based admin system this can include analytics, dynamic page creation, social media interaction and SEO tools such as a meta tag generator... gone are the days of paying an agency hundred of pounds a month for SEO and analytics when your own staff can manage this more effectively with our class leading CMS. 

Digital transition can be a significant challenge, especially in a large organisation or local authority. Submarine has been engaged in this field for two decades, early proponents of the benefits of digital data - why not contact us for a commitment free discussion? It may well prove to be business changing.

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