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eBrochure & eCards - reach your target market

An eBrochure is effectively what it suggests - a digital version of a document which can be deployed over the web and through email. Adobe PDF has long been the vanguard of cross platform electronic documents with its ability to retain fonts, design and layout integrity across computers and operating systems.

Acrobat's ubiquitous nature comes at a cost however, which includes a mixed bag of legacy standards (with a potential for links and content failing to appear), poor accessibility, search compromises (often the contents within a PDF cannot be read by search engines) and poor mobile performance due to file size and the originating document layout.

Nordben Life & Pensions annual report presented as an accessible eBrochure

Nordben Life and Pensions annual report presented as an interactive ebrochure online by Submarine Guernsey

As an example, Microsoft Word under Windows and Preview on Macintosh computer can both output a PDF although they wont be the same dependent on the version of software and operating system. This can be a real issue in an organisation that must have consistency and ensure that documents are easily readable to the 50+% of internet traffic which is now mobile on smart phone and tablet. Did you know for example that 90% of Facebook traffic is via a mobile device... not much point circulating a PDF on there we would suggest. 

States of Guernsey public information eBrochure in multiple languages

States of Guernsey public information eBrochure presneted online in multiple languages by web developer Submarine, Guernsey

The modern alternative is to deploy your printed documents in the form of an eBrochure which essentially formats into web code and can be viewed in a web browser like a standard web page. This means that the content within your document is searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines supporting ranking and making it much easier to find and read. It is also an effective process in a Mobile First marketing strategy, can reduce print / post costs and reduce your companies carbon footprint thereby supporting the environment. 


  • Optimised for search engines with full document content search potentially
  • Works well on tablet and smart phone unlike PDF 
  • An effective solution for a Mobile First strategy
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Effective towards paperless communications and a reduction in carbon footprint
  • Can be circulated through email for EDM campaigns with more engaging content 
  • Can add hyper links (to your website content)
  • Data collection through included forms
  • Can include audio and video
  • Multi-language support
  • eCards are a simple version ideal for calendar events and product launches / contacts
  • Potential reduction in print and postage costs

If you would like no obligation discussion of the potential for eBrochures within your company and communications, please contact Submarine directly. Our process can convert existing print files, Indesign documents and PDFs.

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