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Digital Marketing

From a client perspective, it is critical to form a logical and integrated plan that suits both your services and your target market and to apply this with analytics in order to gauge its effectiveness.  It is better to do this and find out that your initial assumptions are incorrect than to approach digital marketing in an un-connected and piece meal way as this will rarely prove effective. Integration of channels, platforms, email and contact generation with a managed website at the centre is a foundation step to taking control.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
This is one of Submarine’s core strengths which we combine with an optimised website, potentially adding content strategies, electronic mailers and Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) and social media channel development.  We utilise industry standard methodologies and encourage clients to use the reports that we provide in order to assess each campaign's performance.  Following behavioural trends, website page access and simply learning more about your target audience, this is most helpful in planning future campaigns.


  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content strategies
  • Pay Per Click campaign management
  • Social Media content creation and channel management
  • Social Media api plug-in(s) to your website
  • Electronic direct mail (EDM) and contact development
  • Electronic documents and brochures
  • Mobile app support - create your own direct comms channel to your audience
  • RSS content push e.g. insight feed out of your website directly to media hubs
  • Google Analytics - deployment, reporting and insight (certified)



Social Media 

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