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New website for Guernsey Police

Submarine has worked closely with Guernsey Police to create a new mobile responsive website in order to improve their response across digital platforms including tablet and smart phone.

Guernsey Police new website by Submarine

As part of Submarine's preferred supplier contract with the States of Guernsey, we have worked closely with Guernsey Police staff to bring the force a much needed, mobile friendly website. The website features a 'flat' modular design which adapts to the end users device and screen size providing longevity as new hardware comes on the market.  The site features a clear menu and touch screen navigation although it still works equally well on a desktop PC.

The user orientated website has been prioritised for content. One example is contact information which is available on every screen - as the user scrolls down this 'sticks' to the top of the screen along with the main navigation (shown below) ensuring that these are always within easy access.  There are details of how to report an incident, be it emergency or non emergency, as well as sections for neighbourhood policing, local bylaws and general advice.

Guernsey Police new website Media & Events

The website features two live information feeds, one from social media and the other from within the website in support of official communications. These are managed internally by Guernsey Police staff using a content management system in order that the latest pubic information is available on the home screen as soon as possible, 24 /7. This is particularly critical in an on-going emergency situation, when officers may be tied up on scene and in the control room.  

The site has a great deal of useful content on release, with additional material being be added including the latest recruitment information.  The deployment represents a significant step forward for Guernsey Police in their ability to provide public communication and support to the community, not least over a mobile platform. It also represents an effective collaboration with Submarine, working to a budget with reduced on-going cost and in doing so offers excellent value for money. 

Guernsey Police site by Submarine

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