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iCM development partner

Intelligent Content Management, or iCM in short, is the enterprise website management application deployed by the States of Guernsey and provided by Plymouth based Goss Interactive. The CMS is applied to the majority of States teams and sub divisions including Guernsey Harbours, Guernsey Water and it's own website

Submarine is the States of Guernsey appointed developer who build out and maintain iCM websites on its behalf and this includes front end design populated by the iCM application.  As such Submarine has developed an in-depth knowledge of the system and have adapted their own build approach to meet the functions and facilities it provides. This includes staying abreast of patches and technical developments as they arrive (for multiple website deployments) which is not inconsiderable for the large government website itself.

Working closely with the States iCM Training Team and IT department, Submarine will pre-flight new builds and ensure a resilient deployment. Generally this will include inputting the first round of content before handing off control to internal none-technical staff with support as required.

A small selection of the current iCM build websites developed by Submarine. There are a number of significant projects in build including Guernsey Legal Sources, States of Alderney, Guernsey Dairy, Guernsey Police and States Works. 

Guernsey Harbours
Guernsey Water
States of Guernsey
Office of the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA)
Beau Sejour
The Institute (Health & Social Care)
Government House

Guernsey Law Officers
Alderney Court
Careers Guernsey
Guernsey Registry
Guernsey Royal Court
Guernsey Tickets
Guernsey Museums


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