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360 Photography & Video

360 photography and video is essentially the capability to access a presentation in across 360 degrees rather than the traditional look forwards static position. This type of image is engaging and can provide real benefits where the viewer is remote for example viewing the rooms and facilities of a hotel prior to booking or presenting a new property prospect to none-local interests. It is similar technology to Google's StreetView although without the account and associated baggage that this entails.

With the advent of recent technology these images can be deployed through a modern web browser for desktop and mobile devices making them accessible to a wide domestic and commercial audience... no apps or plugins are required.

Guilles Library, Guernsey 360 photography by Submarine, web and technical developer

Submarine is making good use of this technology currently for an on-going project with Guernsey's Cardiac Action Group, mapping the individual defibrillators at locations across the island - in an emergency the nearest unit can be quickly found with a visual map to identify the exact position at each location. 

Other benefits include:

  • Raise your profile through this popular 'mobile' channel. Easy to share and can trend well.
  • Make your business stand out tied to a Google My Business Profile and Google search results.
  • Show clients and customers how to reach you and what your building and approach looks like.

Guernsey at Christmas, 360 photography and website deployment by Submarine, web and technical developer

In-house production
Submarine can produce 360 photography and video in-house to reduce time and cost. Our equipment includes a simple rig for budget work and multi-camera Go-Pro hardware similar to that deployed by Google. Contact Submarine for a no obligation discussion of how this technology can support your communications.

In the following examples, click down and drag your pointer to look around the image. You can also look up and down. In some cases there are items to click in order to move through the image or access further content. On mobile devices, touch the screen and drag.

short tour of St Peter Port at Christmas.
CAG Deployment - this is a work in progress. 
Submarine office approach from Glategny Esplanade and Well Road using bespoke walk through.
Guernsey Airport - 360 video example. Please give this a few moments to load on slower connections.
Google StreetView - with Submarine.

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