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Careers Guernsey website - user experience improvement

Submarine has been working recently with the Careers Guernsey team on ways to improve content delivery, user experience and social media interaction on their website. This has become more important in the previous 12 months under lock-down - circumstances which require additional support for remote communication, for example, one to one video interviews, conference calls and website 'live' events. 

Delivery to mobile devices is also a key requirement with island data suggesting that 60%+ of social media access is now via a tablet or smart phone. As an organisation wishing to connect effectively with a diverse local audience, social media is regarded as a key communication channel in future.

Careers Guernsey website by Submarine

The presentation, design and navigation of the website is clean and simple with a modular layout that will respond to different end (user) screen shapes and sizes.  For example, delivery on a widescreen desktop computer or portrait mobile phone.  Good contrast for text, a highly legible font and a simple colour palette ensure that the information is easily read and further provision is included for the visually impaired including tags for screen readers. 

A new introduction aimed at providing support materials and web links effectively, is the development of an Activity Noticeboard which is administered in real time by the Careers staff through the content management system. This means that new information and content can be posted efficiently in short time and without undue cost. 

Careers Guernsey - events online

This is an ongoing incremental project built within the States of Guernsey content management system ICM.  Submarine has provided an ICM technical support provision over many years and multiple successful websites. Knowing the system intimately, Submarine can build on previous developments in short time and with minimal cost. 

Submarine promotes support for all things green for a healthier environment. As with all new websites that Submarine create, we have planted 25 trees for The Decider through our CSR carbon offsetting scheme Ecologi.  For more information on Submarine's carbon offsetting scheme see
Ecologi at

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