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Hosting, data & domain registration

Submarine offers managed hosting space and email services at competitive rates on both our secure UK & Guernsey servers. We also offer domain registration including the Guernsey '.gg' suffix which is only available through one provider in the Channel Islands, with whom we have a 20 year relationship.

Submarine can offer advanced domain features including re-directs to one root website if you have multiple domains reserved for your business  / .com / .gg  We can also provide a 'short URL' tool within your CMS build with which you can create dynamic links which are simpler for your customers to use, for example, instead of presenting the actual (long) site path:  

you could generate a short URL: carnations 

Reliability v cost
The value of fast, secure and reliable hosting for your web based project cannot be underestimated and our preferred ISPs have an excellent record in all respects, following a stringent code in terms of maintenance, patching and end user support. In addition, there are project advantages - saved time and cost - in having Submarine organise this critical support since we are already familiar with the servers and the required database and security configurations. Invariably, the use of 3rd party, unfamiliar ISPs will require a chain of communication in order to instigate the required set up and performance testing.

Traditionally, hosting in Guernsey has been more expensive and with lower performance than the UK. However, we can offer affordable Guernsey hosting should your requirements demand an offshore location. Please contact us for further details.

Services Submarine offer:

  • Fast and secure hosting set up and on-going management
  • UK based hosting servers
  • Offshore based hosting servers
  • Email services
  • Domain registration including .gg
  • Initial security review (with website build)
  • Pen testing and advanced security review (by arrangement via an independent white hat testing partner)


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Submarine can help you respond effectively to a new business challenge or support a concept for feasibility, in order to get your project off the ground.  We operate discreetly and are happy to work through an NDA or contract.  Back-end code samples and professional references can be provided. Take the next step.