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The Terrace Garden Café - new website

We all love the Terrace Garden Café and so Submarine was excited to be asked to create a new website for them.

The Terrace |Garden Café has a new website

We were fortunate to have a great choice in imagery for the site, with plenty of mouth watering pics.  We must confess, it was a little tortuous seeing these during the build.

The Terrace offers not just Thai food but also sushi takeaway lunches and have a sushi menu once a week.

The Terrace Guernsey - Sushi lunch boxes

Details of events are also on the site.

Have a look:


Modern Cost Effective Web Platform

The site is built in Umbraco, a modern secure platform which allows the owners content control in order to keep ongoing running costs down.  Submarine is of course always available to help if needed.

Submarine is able to offer competitive prices in order to support small to medium business and can even arrange payment in three instalments: pre-build, completion of sign off by client and live launch.

Umbraco platform logo




Submarine promotes support for all things green for a healthier environment. As with all new websites that Submarine create, we have planted 25 trees for The Barn through our CSR carbon offsetting scheme Ecologi.  For more information on Submarine's carbon offsetting scheme see




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