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The Oddfellows Guernsey Friendly Society website

Submarine were asked by Oddfellows Guernsey to update their public website. This followed on from Submarine developing an application and database system, which powers their Friendly Society financial operation internally.  

The challenge was to create a website that was friendly and engaging on the home page with links to priority content  whilst also providing clear navigation and text content relating to financial matters where any ambiguity is unwelcome. Submarine achieved this through a combination of image and bright colour on the home page, reverting to clean text, open leading and a white backdrop on internal pages for maximum legibility with splashes of colour from the logo and horizontal banners providing a visual lift.  

Oddfellows Guernsey - New website from Submarine

Other facilities included PDF development for regulatory documents and key disclosures such as terms and conditions. FAQs and a contact enquiry form allows easy out of office contact when the local office is closed. 

Oddfellows Guernsey - new website from Submaarine


Have a look:


A Modern Cost Effective Web Platform

The site is built in Umbraco, a modern secure platform which allows the Oddfellows staff to manage content internally, both for time critical releases and in order to keep ongoing running costs down.  Submarine is able to offer expertise and competitive pricing for medium to enterprise businesses including integration with office systems, and secure financial database applications.  


Submarine promotes support for all things green for a healthier environment. As with all new websites that Submarine create, we have planted 25 trees for Oddfellows through our CSR carbon offsetting scheme Ecologi.  For more information on Submarine's carbon offsetting scheme see


Ecologi carbon offsetting

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