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Independent Safety Services new website

Independent Safety Services (ISS), provides plant operator and workplace training from a base on Guernsey. Submarine has designed and produced a new website to improve communication performance and promote the business on mobile platforms.

Steve Le Tissier, the owner of ISS, operates across the Channel Islands providing a high quality service which is hard to beat locally. He continually invests in the business applying developing industry standards and through his own certification. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his clients although he tends to be one of the island's best kept secrets operating essentially B2B.

Independent Safety Services

Submarine took this on board and the first touch point was to provide a new responsive website that would perform well on mobile devices and provide support for incoming social media posts. The brand was gently updated to a more attention grabbing red / dark grey over the former green and yellow. 

Services and supporting content were re-organised towards the needs of incoming users and sections added to promote / validate the work including a gallery of projects completed and page outline standards and certificates that are complied with. Since Steve is effectively the business and clients engage with his skill and personality, we also promoted his role including the entry hero banner.

ISS Projects

A modern content management system rounds this out providing Steve with the opportunity to run the website on-going without additional cost although Submarine will provide domain and hosting services with additional technical and marketing support as required.

Submarine promotes support for recycling and the local environment. In addition, as with all new websites that Submarine create, we have planted 25 trees for ISS through our CSR carbon offsetting scheme Ecologi.  For more information on Submarine's carbon offsetting scheme see

Independent Safety Services
Submarine and Ecologi:

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