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DCA - Guernsey & Jersey Civil Aviation

Working closely with the Director of Civil Aviation, Dominic Lazarus, Submarine has developed the joint Guernsey & Jersey Civil Aviation website on the States of Guernsey content management platform ICM. 

DCA - Guernsey & Jersey Civil Aviation

Priorities of the website are to be professional and engaging whilst providing clear and direct access to local Channel Island aviation regulation, legislation and wider support information for pilots and visitors. On the launch of the website Mr Lazarus stated: 

"I am pleased to announce the release of the first edition of our new website designed to enable all users to easily source information in the Bailiwicks of both Guernsey and Jersey. The Channel Islands are fundamentally dependent upon air transport which is tied closely to our high-profile industries." 

"Not withstanding, as a regulatory body, we intend to keep focused and hold to our primary responsibilities of good oversight and governance of the air transport sector to ensure the highest levels of safety and security."

You can read the full release here: A personal message from the Director

DCA - Guernsey & Jersey Civil Aviation

In addition to providing accessible content for users and a streamlined content management path for the DCA team, the website is also designed to work efficiently on mobile, recognising that many users may access the website whilst on the move, potentially in the air. With this in mind the main content areas are provided through a one click panel matrix on the home page with a single mega menu complementing this navigation within the website.

Submarine work closely with States of Guernsey IT and the CMS support team on all ICM deployments. 

DCA - The Office of the Director of Civil Aviation

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